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    GREETINGS MuPlanet inhabitants! Despite evil corvid-19 outbreak we are hit by nice and sunny Spring which hopefully will make this time easier. To celebrate beginning of our nice weather we are launching a Cherry Blossom Event! You will find White,Red and Golden Cherry Blossom branches occasionally dropping from monsters, if you collect enough of branches you can exchange them in Noria at cherry blossom tree for some scrumptious rewards. Amounts to collect: White Branches x10 Red Branches x30 Golden Branches x255 Rewards: White Branches: Status boosts/buff items, JOC bundle x10, Golden Cherry Branche Red Branches: Pets(various), JOC bundle x20, Golden Cherry Branche Golden Branches: Lucky Item Cards, JOC buundle x30, Cherry Play Box(with a good chance of 380 level items) This event is going to last until 30th of April In addition we are launching Easter Moon Rabbit invasion running from 11-14th of April You can spot them in: Lorencia Elveland Noria Devias Hunt them for new pets and other items! Stay Positive, play MuPlanet and see you Online!
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