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  1. good job guys thanks for working on it and make it better :))
  2. I'm really thankful that you checking things out.. and taking the reports and feedback seriously .. I know enough .!😁 Thanks for the answer
  3. I think there need to be changes fast before u will lose players who gonna get higher is resets, even I am thinking about to quit.. -Arena ( waiting time great drg to long and need more mobs of it ) - 30+ rr we still need to lvl in icarus!! - I tested with @spawn Aida1 and kanturu 1 we died instantly . Aida 1 is couple hit dead. - I think 50 a 60 joc is good enough for maximum at 20 or 30 rr not increased Make it a little more playable after 30rr on aida1 and kanturu and increased the exp a little there so we dont have to stay in icarus for better exp and to survive..
  4. Thanks for sorting it out and the response & checking
  5. Hello GM's @Christmas @Sunrise I see that the pro league reward for summoner is useless . I get a red wing stick it's useless for pro league because, the bk gets a blade knight it's a next step further then sword of destruction, what is almost a max weapon below the 29 resets that can be found in highest lvl up map icarus or tarkan .. the demonic stick is max for summoner on 29 resets, so the red wing stick is pointless to use I will lose alot of dmg . And I need the dmg in higher maps that's why.. so my opinion to get a reward like demonic stick to be equal like the next step of a bk.. I hope you guys can look at it or think about it. I like to hear more about your opinion Kind regards: Original
  6. Thanks for checking maybe I'm wrong but better be checked by you
  7. I think i found a problem thats need ro be checked to in 1 of the Maps easy kill 2x higher exp then in arena Great Dragons .. Arena + 50% exp ~ Great dragon = 2.7mil exp (Barracks normale exp + easy kill ) 4.3mil exp Greetz Original
  8. Hi GM's @Sunrise @Christmas How can a SM with 8rr kill bosses : hydra & Balrog. I cant kill them, 1hit I die , my stats 1900+ Agi (Def 1075) Sm 8 rr * char "Angel" * (1000, agi) (2000 , energy) Can u guys check it ? Greetz Original
  9. Hello all. What spot / mop,,drops pendants or rings excellent . ? Greetz IGN :Original Guild: Vampires
  10. Original


    Hello GM sunrise, i still got problems with the /offlevel .. checked in Arena doesnt work can u check it for me ? Greetz Original
  11. Original

    Elf dmf [FIXED]

    The mobs are higher in attack and defense then normally .. I still cant kill red dragons icarus the way it has to be.. 22rr "highest mobs to kill is still tarkan 2 .. I die in 1hit in other maps like aida 1 kanturu 1 ..
  12. Original

    Elf dmf [FIXED]

    Does it compare with the monster in the maps ? Because they got high dmg and def aswell ... sorry for to much questions haha
  13. Original

    Elf dmf [FIXED]

    Did u lower the summoner dmg aswell now ?
  14. Original


    I c it nice and the drop rate in arena ?
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