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  1. Hi!!! Maybe its possible to make in web stat saving after reset, its not a big deal to every time make it in game but some basic stats whould be nice if can save and in game do only some new stats! Like I save some basic stats on str ene and vit and after res these stats stay and i have to put only agi 🙂 I heard that Jewel of creation for reset gonna be constant in some moment but at the moment its going more than 64 per reset And maybe its possible to make jewel of creation bundles to web bank
  2. HI!! ake everything out from inventory and make in web clear inventory, should be gonna after that. There is some items in game whats not possible to store drop sell trade....
  3. BlaDex


    Hi there! I'm looking for strong and serious players who want to join by us! Idea is to make strong alianse for later gameplay when you will be needed team play and solo play will be not so easy! And of course to enjoy a fun by playing 🙂 If you what to join, join Duprion Gens and than just press in game "N" and click on GUILD, than join by LEGENDS! Same way you can find some pt in game, i will try to keep one char for pt to help you at begining!
  4. Hi there!!! 1. Maybe can enable gold event 2. Egg event (muun pet) 3. Minigame event (some extra fun in game) 4. CS is not active (at least there is no time when what going on) ( and battle make sunday 20:00 around, when most ply are able to take a part in it) 5. Belgass event (crywolf not sure is it on now) 6. Enable edit post in forum 😄 7. for putting in market items for sale decrease price, now is 10k, whould be better 1k i think 8. some spots at least in kantru, we are geting stronger need some spots for growing will update this if something comes in my mind thx
  5. I think mostly all experienced ply already know how to launch more than 1 client, so this server limit works only on beginer players and unexperienced ply, don't see any need for this limit....
  6. i think here is talking about multiclient lounching, now we can use only one client( one acc)
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