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We have now been online for 7 days! Your feedback, help and patience is outstanding! Like true MuPlanet warriors!

So here is a recap what we have done in these 7 days!


1. Added more spots up until Icarus and Tarkan maps(will add more spots later on, hope you can survive there)

2. Added low EXE drops in CC

3. FIXED dmg issue now specialization buff works pass 3k stat mark.

4. Adjusted Lorencia visuals, so it is easier to see and move around.

5. Increased 3rd quest monster strength (it should be only be available to kill in pt and post ProElite League) < ones who managed to complete the quest - its on us! ?

6. Now you can launch multiple launchers at once  - please do this, it will help you with JOC for resets.

7. Disabled Offlevel as it was causing strange things.

8. Added Jewel of Chaos to the jewel drop pool.


1. New players automatically receive Bonze VIP for 3 days.

2. Please vote! you will need gold/platinum coins for next League unlock!

3. More spots in higher maps.

4. Daily/Weekly/Monthly rankings have been enabled!

5. Online Web market/buff shop  - in development.

6. Halloween event!(Will be a separate announcement)

7. Online anchievment system  - in development.

8. Golden monster invasion < these are strong ones! but only a real champion party can perish them! (Will be enabled today)

9. Events such as CryWolf, Castle Siege and more will be enabled later when we will achieve more players online!

10. When playing BC in party, please disband before returning the weapon to the poor angel otherwise non of the party members will receive a reward!

We appreciate your support! Please keep playing and we will make this truly SUBARASHIII(magnificient) server! 

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