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My opinion about rewards [FIXED]

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 Hello GM's @Christmas @Sunrise

I see that the pro league reward for summoner is useless . I get a red wing stick it's useless for pro league because, the bk gets a blade knight it's a next step further then sword of destruction, what is almost a max weapon below the 29 resets that can be found in highest lvl up map icarus  or tarkan ..   the demonic stick is max for summoner on 29 resets, so the red wing stick is pointless to use I will lose alot of dmg . And I need the dmg in higher maps that's why.. so my opinion to get a reward like demonic stick to be equal like the  next step of a bk..

I hope you guys can look at it or think about it. 

I like to hear more about your opinion 

Kind regards: Original 

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