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May changes Sunrise 2020-05-10

1. Boosted no luck item add
2. Spring Event drop removed
3. Added GP for events, bosses
4. Giant deffense nerfed
5. Changed aida, aida2 spots
6. Ingame CashShop text fixes
7. Disabled exc drop from random mobs
8. Converted Coins from Oldstyle Platinum, Gold to WcoinC and GoblinPoints
9. Added guards in others maps
10. Implamented new golds
11. Golden 100% drop
12. Fixed CC move notice
13. Adjusted zen drop loren
14. New Event DeepLoren (HOT) 30JOC
15. Skeleton king incorrect notice - Fixed
16. Slide text fix
17. Text fix
18. Reworked MuRummy
19. Fixed nonpk item drop on monster kill
20. Improved Last man standing
21. Added skeleton king event 3 joc drop
22. Added BC jewel drop
23. White Wizard remade
24. Reduced gambling price
25. Client update, with igc.dll fixed HWID, Reconnect, New Guard Sets

April changes part 3 Sunrise 2020-04-20

New Client
Expire Items FIX
Adjusted Gigantic Storm
Kundun7 bug FIX
FIXED Gambling Lottery
Visual bug 200% FIX
Dopelganger Fixed notice
Added ChatServer
Lucky box drop FIX
FIXED Kundun No-exc items drop
Added Rare drop in events League Unlock Card
Added new spots
Added new spots in minimap - click tab
Added other Jewel drops in BC
Nerfed a lot of monsters
Adjusted Medusa and drop
Adjusted Selupan Drop
MAP Boss added BOK DROP +1 - +5 chance
Moss gambler Adjusted
Fixed Merce shop
Fixed wings of elf tooltip
Fixed other tooltips like Angel..
Nerfed BC,CC mobs
Removed Rabbit event
Some fixes in drops
Some infos in WEB
Added Gaeons order drop
Boosted some CM rates
Fixed starting KITS
Fixed some issues with 2.5lvl wing mix
Condor item Drop
Fixed some event ticket drops
Fixed Feather, Chrest drops
Added some new items in drop
Fixed Sing Of Lord not stackable
Fixed Quest words with weird symbols

April changes part 2 Sunrise 2020-04-10

1. Checked buff to party members
2. Kundun improved drop
3. Visual Bugs for ancient items
4. Easter and Spring events
5. New notice for launcher
6. Blossoms rewards
7. Cleaned from non-existing items
8. Remastered Doppelenger event
9. Medusa drop small chance of 380lvl Items
10.  Kanturu Relics Rewards and mob HP
11. Adjusted Mob strength ir highest maps
12. Adjusted BC/DS/CC

April changes Sunrise 2020-04-02

1. Maya event fixed not not moving
2. Added announcement guide about how to get for free League Unlock card
3. Added options ( Check-in) for 30 days and get League Unlock card for free
4. Better chances of good items and 380 Items in Gold/Silver boxes
5. Adjusted BOK 1-5 Drop
6. Fixed some item ingame names ( was incorrect )
7. Added JOC Drop in DS Event
8. Added/Fixed Glow effect for some items
9. fixed 1x4 2x4 items for some items was bugged
10. gaion's letter added in ingame drop
11. Added new items ( Mu Planet League unlock card )
12. Remastered Imperial Guardian event and drop
13. Updated website
14. Fixed Kundun and Medusa not moving bug + adjusted strength
15. Fixed shops with small HP/Mana potions
16. Salupan and Kundun drop now better
17. Adjusted JOC farming ( now it wont drop from super small mobs ), so newbies can get lvls in small spots, but for exchange adjusted overall drop.
18. Adjusted Boss strength 19. Fixed some incorrect monsters spawns
20. Added monthly BC/DS/CC rewards
21. Adjusted Golden mobs
22. New server logo
23. Fixed Devias map
24. Fixed loren market map move bug
25. Fixed move bug in other maps as well
26. Decreased HP of BC/DS Master level
27. Adjusted High map mob powers
28. Adjusted 3rd level quest 29. Adjusted Kundun drop
30. Add happy hour exp +10% each day

March changes Sunrise 2020-03-17

1. Dynamic VIP exp fix

2. Higher Chaos Mix Chances for VIP

3. Character Balance PVM

3.1 Elfs Skill time, triple shot, multi shot adjust

4. League unlock prices decreased

5. Added higher rewards for top players

5.1 Added higher rewards for monthly voters

5.2 Added higher rewards for Check-in's

6.  Added spots in minimap

7.  Added offtrade in VIP arena

8. Added autorepair for offlevelers

9. Better configuration, lower chances to get DC

10. Now you can register multiple accounts with one Email

11.  Talisman of Chaos Assembly(TCA) in game events etc, and webshop

12. Drop for master levelers in events

13. Keys in events

14. BC/CC soul/bless bundle drop chance

15. Other small things and improvements

May changes Sunrise 2020-05-10

1. Web Vault size bugs - fixed
2. Applied web update
3. Now all reward coins is GoblinPoints, buyed coins WcoinC
4. Added new archievemnt
5. Added VIP Purchase option in control panel
6. New Exchange methods
7. New VIP buy methods

April changes part 3 Sunrise 2020-04-20

MuPlanet League unlock card FIX
Added items for Last League
Fixed some issues with web
Fixed some incorrect item size in web
Russian Language Improve, Thanks to Webz

April changes part 2 Sunrise 2020-04-10

1. WEB Security improvemants
2. BC Time Fixed
3. Fixed mmtop200 vote
4. Fixed password recovery
5. Wheel of fortune improvemants
6. Added change email option
7. SSL for outgoing emails
8. Medusa un Kundun event timers in web

April changes Sunrise 2020-04-03

Improved activity rewards

Added rewards for BC/DS/CC

Some design changes

Fixed League Kit rewards with expiration date

Added option to extend market items

Added notice in control panel about VIP status

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