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Hi Champions!

We have upgraded to S19 1-3!!!

Which means: more quests, new Class Change! New mounts! New map! New extra features and so so much more!

Please have patience and soon we will start the exciting new race for the glory!


See you online!



Hello Champions!

The whole MuPlanet team wishes you a very warm and calm Christmas and a very exciting new 2024 year!

We appreciate your help with the ongoing beta test and all of the feedback that you provide us with during this time!

Early 2024 will come with a big launch and very new s19 - new 5th class quests, new maps, monsters, new pet concept and much more from our custom department!


Kindest regards!

Good Greetings Champions!

Good news all around! Our MuPlanet Project has entered into the rapid development stage - this means we are all hands on deck to launch and finally we will be visible to advertisement websites! - more traffic - more fun!

There will be a major update pack coming this week! We are upgrading to a newest version from s18e1 to s18 e2-2 - This has a completely new in game Battle Pass system, New Guardian upgrades and the one we all are very excited about is FOUR classes are receiving a RENEWAL boost - Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord, Slayer and Rage Fighter is now stronger than ever! Once again you can revive your MG and DL classes to dominate the PvP circuit!!!

New Map with new Mastery sets, New Elite Monsters? Sure! - Blood Tarkan is here!

Once we are closer to the launch, we will introduce Streaming Partnership, which means the more you stream your gameplay on the major streaming platforms, the more in game benefits you will receive! - This will be explained at the later date! Spaces will be limited!

Together with the In game battle pass system there will be a website version as well, three levels - Free for all players, Gold and a Platinum - More details to follow. 

New Loot Boxes! These will be available very soon! Keys will be dropping in game, events, Battle passes and more!

VIP will be updated and will have more boosts and better rewards!

Reset League System is staying! After testing out the market we found that League System is refreshing and gives that extra flavour to our beloved game! There will be changes to the s9 setup.

Points per reset will go up - from 200 to 500 per reset.

Reduction from 5 to 3 Leagues - This might increase depending on the feedback and server progression!

League Unlock Card drops and obtainability will be increased!

League XP and Drop rate changes - Higher the League you are in, less XP you will receive, but with this you will earn more rewards!

Character unlock cards - Each league will have their own set of playable characters, newer ones will be unlockable after entering  a new league - last league you can use all of the classes. - breakdown will follow at a later date.

Reset condition change - we are making it easier to reset - JOC amount reduced to 1 x reset count.

Community Input - We want players to be engaged with our project gameplay and settings - This means that Once a week we will post suggested changes by our players, same week Sunday we will have a vote to see if the changes are favourable or not. More you have power over the decisions more fun we will have! This will be explained at a later date. 

New Refreshed look of the original outdated maps and Visual improvements  - Some older maps already have a refreshed look and there will be more to follow also we have added a slight graphics boost that makes it more eye pleasing to play!

Beta Tester Rewards - Everyone who has joined our Discord server and helped during closed Beta will receive highest VIP, Battle Passes etc as a thank you from us and your loyalty - you all are very appreciated! This will be finalised before the launch!

Please stay tuned!

MuPlanet - Easy to play, Hard to Master!

We are very close to launching this exciting new S18 chapter!|

New patch is coming in tomorrow! So all beta testers will be able to give Illusion Knight a go! Noria and Lorencia is having a new look too!

New server setup is planned to be finalised by the end of the month! Stay tuned.

Greetings champions!

MuPlanet is in preparation stage for big S18 opening.

Estimated opening of the server within a month, but could change due to large configuration and fine tunes.

We will send opening notice to all registered players!

Stay strong and never stop training champions!

See you Online!

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