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April Update


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1. Maya event fixed not not moving
2. Added announcement guide about how to get for free League Unlock card
3. Added options ( Check-in) for 30 days and get League Unlock card for free
4. Better chances of good items and 380 Items in Gold/Silver boxes
5. Adjusted BOK 1-5 Drop
6. Fixed some item ingame names ( was incorrect )
7. Added JOC Drop in DS Event
8. Added/Fixed Glow effect for some items
9. fixed 1x4 2x4 items for some items was bugged
10. gaion's letter added in ingame drop
11. Added new items ( Mu Planet League unlock card )
12. Remastered Imperial Guardian event and drop
13. Updated website
14. Fixed Kundun and Medusa not moving bug + adjusted strength
15. Fixed shops with small HP/Mana potions
16. Selupan and Kundun drop now better
17. Adjusted JOC farming ( now it wont drop from super small mobs ), so newbies can get lvls in small spots, but for exchange adjusted overall drop.
18. Adjusted Boss strength 19. Fixed some incorrect monsters spawns
20. Added monthly BC/DS/CC rewards
21. Adjusted Golden mobs
22. New server logo
23. Fixed Devias map
24. Fixed loren market map move bug
25. Fixed move bug in other maps as well
26. Decreased HP of BC/DS Master level
27. Adjusted High map mob powers

28. Adjusted 3rd level quest

29. Adjusted Kundun drop
30. Add happy hour exp +10% each day


Imperial Guardian Event is a real challenge you will need more party members and don't forget your HP potions ? and Buffs ?


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