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    * Search for keys in special events and Webshop
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  5. Race opened, more info under weekly/monthly character ranking https://mupla.net/rankings/characters/ Rewards added automaticly
  6. Hi, you can easily add stats via web https://mupla.net/usercp/addstats Stats cannot be saved after reset, because that is how it works. After 61 reset JOC price would be constant for each reset, 40 for VIP players, 50 for no-VIP. I am sorry, but Web-bank cannot store JOC bundles.
  7. @BlaDex it should be an option in the control panel, let's ask @Sunrise if it's activated or not.
  8. Hi!!! Maybe its possible to make in web stat saving after reset, its not a big deal to every time make it in game but some basic stats whould be nice if can save and in game do only some new stats! Like I save some basic stats on str ene and vit and after res these stats stay and i have to put only agi 🙂 I heard that Jewel of creation for reset gonna be constant in some moment but at the moment its going more than 64 per reset And maybe its possible to make jewel of creation bundles to web bank
  9. Hello, reward added to your account ( 100 JOC ), congratulations!!! 🙂 We are working to automatisation for these system. So till it will be done, Reset race is closed. I will inform all players when it will be opened again. ( probably in two weaks )
  10. Hello. When is the prize awarded? I am very excited to receive it. Thanks 🙂
  11. ymatto

    BC6 Bug Reward

    thanks. im appreciate that. will try bc6 later on 😛 hope can get some joc 😛
  12. Hi those are special items that you can exchange later in game. Originally Moss the gambler would sell them. i will try to make them sellable/droppable.
  13. Christmas

    BC6 Bug Reward

    update! I think I fixed the issue! please test and confirm 🙂
  14. Christmas

    BC6 Bug Reward

    Okay thanks for the video mate! I am currently looking into the issue. Item reward config looks as it should, my next thought is gremory case settings, have you had more than 6 items in gremory case before? Will keep you updated!
  15. ymatto

    BC6 Bug Reward

    Its happened several time to me. that i was not in any party and while try to finish Quest that i didnot get any JOC. Please help me to check it. Here is the Video link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MWXs0iRTxgrJbSCzFJ871mM0p_AjJ9Yh/view Thank for help 😛
  16. HI!! ake everything out from inventory and make in web clear inventory, should be gonna after that. There is some items in game whats not possible to store drop sell trade....
  17. Hello! I have a problem that involves items which i bought from elvland. These items have yellow question mark and can not be sold, droped, stored in bank, combined. It would be really nice that someone told me what to do ty! -Matjis
  18. Top 1 Weekly character with highest reset count up will gain Platinum coin and JOC rewards. Enjoy race 🙂
  19. BlaDex


    Hi there! I'm looking for strong and serious players who want to join by us! Idea is to make strong alianse for later gameplay when you will be needed team play and solo play will be not so easy! And of course to enjoy a fun by playing 🙂 If you what to join, join Duprion Gens and than just press in game "N" and click on GUILD, than join by LEGENDS! Same way you can find some pt in game, i will try to keep one char for pt to help you at begining!
  20. 1. done 6. done 7. done 8. done More will follow soon
  21. Christmas


    !HELLO ALL! We have now been online for 7 days! Your feedback, help and patience is outstanding! Like true MuPlanet warriors! So here is a recap what we have done in these 7 days! 1. Added more spots up until Icarus and Tarkan maps(will add more spots later on, hope you can survive there) 2. Added low EXE drops in CC 3. FIXED dmg issue now specialization buff works pass 3k stat mark. 4. Adjusted Lorencia visuals, so it is easier to see and move around. 5. Increased 3rd quest monster strength (it should be only be available to kill in pt and post ProElite League) < ones who managed to complete the quest - its on us! 🙂 6. Now you can launch multiple launchers at once - please do this, it will help you with JOC for resets. 7. Disabled Offlevel as it was causing strange things. 8. Added Jewel of Chaos to the jewel drop pool. UPCOMING UPDATES AND INFORMATION 1. New players automatically receive Bonze VIP for 3 days. 2. Please vote! you will need gold/platinum coins for next League unlock! 3. More spots in higher maps. 4. Daily/Weekly/Monthly rankings have been enabled! 5. Online Web market/buff shop - in development. 6. Halloween event!(Will be a separate announcement) 7. Online anchievment system - in development. 8. Golden monster invasion < these are strong ones! but only a real champion party can perish them! (Will be enabled today) 9. Events such as CryWolf, Castle Siege and more will be enabled later when we will achieve more players online! 10. When playing BC in party, please disband before returning the weapon to the poor angel otherwise non of the party members will receive a reward! We appreciate your support! Please keep playing and we will make this truly SUBARASHIII(magnificient) server!
  22. Hi there!!! 1. Maybe can enable gold event 2. Egg event (muun pet) 3. Minigame event (some extra fun in game) 4. CS is not active (at least there is no time when what going on) ( and battle make sunday 20:00 around, when most ply are able to take a part in it) 5. Belgass event (crywolf not sure is it on now) 6. Enable edit post in forum 😄 7. for putting in market items for sale decrease price, now is 10k, whould be better 1k i think 8. some spots at least in kantru, we are geting stronger need some spots for growing will update this if something comes in my mind thx
  23. Added new spots, more info will fallow in website. Please make new topic
  24. 1. Top1 = 16 reset = 3200 + 2400 = 5600 points..very strong.....im newbie...i feeling very scare about this...please help me 2. Enable /offtrade to PlayersTOP sell me items in game..../offlevel /offattack help me train when i working in day 3. Enable full setting seasion 9....event bonus...Muun Eggs Pet...Gold Rabbit....Moon Rabbit..PunchBlessing...TitanAngerBook...Golden Boss Kundun 4. Enable kill Boss = Gpoints in X-shop (Press Key X) 5. Enable Boss Spot in Arena....and more map..... 6. Now Online = 10...very BADDDDD....need more Enable FULL SEASION 9...get more funny more players...PLEASE 7. Thanks Sir
  25. We will add some spots today
  26. You will get killed there until you reach elite/pro elite league stat points.
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