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  1. Where did you find our community? 🙂
  2. It will be implamented only on some resets
  3. Claim items for free by reaching resets 🙂
  4. Tutorial how to make reset
  5. You can claim your freebies in League KIT section. Each class got own items. Enjoy 🙂
  6. Sunrise

    S9 featuares

    1. Some of events will be enabled only in special dates. Originaly they not supposed to be on all of the time. 2. https://mupla.net/usercp/exchange 3. wcoins is made by webzen to get money from players, that is not our plan. But we are planing add goblin points, so you can exchane them in website and buy buffs etc. 4. We experienced some issues with offlevel, so while our coder wont release fix, it will stay off. 5. Thank you for your suggestions
  7. Sunrise


    * Search for keys in special events and Webshop
  8. Race opened, more info under weekly/monthly character ranking https://mupla.net/rankings/characters/ Rewards added automaticly
  9. Hi, you can easily add stats via web https://mupla.net/usercp/addstats Stats cannot be saved after reset, because that is how it works. After 61 reset JOC price would be constant for each reset, 40 for VIP players, 50 for no-VIP. I am sorry, but Web-bank cannot store JOC bundles.
  10. Hello, reward added to your account ( 100 JOC ), congratulations!!! 🙂 We are working to automatisation for these system. So till it will be done, Reset race is closed. I will inform all players when it will be opened again. ( probably in two weaks )
  11. Top 1 Weekly character with highest reset count up will gain Platinum coin and JOC rewards. Enjoy race 🙂
  12. 1. done 6. done 7. done 8. done More will follow soon
  13. Added new spots, more info will fallow in website. Please make new topic
  14. We will add some spots today
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