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  1. Sunrise


    * Search for keys in special events and Webshop
  2. Race opened, more info under weekly/monthly character ranking https://mupla.net/rankings/characters/ Rewards added automaticly
  3. Hi, you can easily add stats via web https://mupla.net/usercp/addstats Stats cannot be saved after reset, because that is how it works. After 61 reset JOC price would be constant for each reset, 40 for VIP players, 50 for no-VIP. I am sorry, but Web-bank cannot store JOC bundles.
  4. Hello, reward added to your account ( 100 JOC ), congratulations!!! 🙂 We are working to automatisation for these system. So till it will be done, Reset race is closed. I will inform all players when it will be opened again. ( probably in two weaks )
  5. Top 1 Weekly character with highest reset count up will gain Platinum coin and JOC rewards. Enjoy race 🙂
  6. 1. done 6. done 7. done 8. done More will follow soon
  7. Added new spots, more info will fallow in website. Please make new topic
  8. We will add some spots today
  9. Hello, Please try those steps: http://forum.ragezone.com/f196/invisible-interface-fix-intel-hd-1122374/ Also possible fixes: Invisible Interface/ Transparent HUD [Solved] Win10 64 Intel HD 23-05-17, 01:58 PM Hey guys, I fought this for a couple days now that I've come back to global. I managed to solve it in my case and thought I could lay out simple steps, among the many confusing threads about this issue. FIRST SOLUTION: Windows 10 64bit Intel HD 4400 Graphics (Step 1) Disable driver signing: I had to do this for my computer to allow drivers from Intel rather that the manufacturer. https://www.howtogeek.com/167723/how-to-disable-driver-signature-verification-on-64-bit-windows-8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers/ (Step 2) Disable Driver Updates: Windows 10 loves to update your drivers every time you reboot. This prevents it from going back to the current drivers without you noticing. http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-2763685/stop-windows-automatically-updating-device-drivers.html (Step 3) Your new (old) driver: I went through a lot of outdated drivers looking for one that worked. Most of the drivers posted in other threads as working, weren't compatible with Win 10 64bit. So I eventually found the oldest one I could for my OS (win64_153338). I was able to just use the installer from Intel and overwrite my current driver. https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25188/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10-15-33- Well, that's it. Hope this can save someone else the headache and frustration. .. SECOND SOLUTION: 1º - Right-click on the start menu button. 2º - Click on the Control Panel 3º - Change the (Display by: Category) by (Display by: Large icons) 4º - Click on the Device Manager 5º - Click on the Video adapters 6º - Right-click on your Video Card (My Video adapter is Intel(R) HD Graphics Family) 7º - Click on the Driver Update 8º - Click on the Search for driver software on your computer 9º - Clique on the Allow me to choose from a list of device drivers on my computer 10º - Choose the oldest version in that listen and click Next Ready! You downgraded your driver to the version that allows Mu Online to work perfectly. Now the next step: 1º - Right-click on the Mu Online Icon in the Desktop 2º - Open file location 3º - Right-click on the (main) icon 4º - Click on the Properties 5º - Click on the Compatibility tab 6º - Click on the Run this program in compatibility mode 7º - Choose the Windows XP (Service Pack 3) 8º - Click OK. Run the game! Possible more ways to try fix this problem: http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english/mu-online-issues-feedback/263997-tech-support-%7C-can-t-run-graphics-on-laptop-pc http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english/mu-online-issues-feedback/1314324-graphics-issue http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english/mu-online-issues-feedback/862087-game-screen-looks-weird http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english/mu-online-issues-feedback/1314324-graphics-issue http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english/mu-online-issues-feedback/866984-transparency-bug http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english/mu-online-issues-feedback/2244303-problems-with-graphics-solved-windows-10 http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english/mu-online-issues-feedback/1711089-windows-10-intel-graphics-incompatibility-issue-workaround-fix-instructions-inside http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/mu-online-english/mu-online-issues-feedback/2289139-transparency-bug-solution-this-one-really-works-check-this-out
  10. Sunrise

    Promote FaceBook

    Promote on FaceBook 1.Create public post in Facebook http://mupla.net MuOnline S9 Dynamic EXP, Custom Client and much more 2. Create new post in our forum and write: Your Account, and Facebook profile link Requirements: * Post must be public and shareable * You must be at least 100 Friends * You cant delete topic ( will result punishment ) Reward 100 Platinium coins ** You can participate only once
  11. Sunrise

    Spots and FIXES

    ! HAIL TO YOU ADVENTURERS ! ONCE AGAIN! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING CROWD! HERE ARE FIXES WE HAVE MADE: ADDED/ADJUSTED SPOTS: WEALTHY LORENCIA: Spot 1- 190,120; Graveyard -140,200; Fort-180,30; NORIA: Spot1 - 150,130; IMPERIAL DEVIAS: Devias1 - 200,80; Devias2 2 new spots; Devias3 2 new spots. DUNGEON: Dungeon1 - 100,215; Dungeon 2 - 170,120; Dungeon3(Door up) 25,18. ELVELAND: Spot1 - 35,131; ATLANS: Atlans1 - 25,55; 50,40; Atlans2 - 240,10; Atlans3 - 45,145; 45,170; LOSTTOWER: LT1 - 200,100; LT3 - 100,170; LT4 - 135,90; LT7 - 55,90 TARKAN: Spot1- 105,40; Tarkan2 - 90,120; AIDA: Spot1 - 140,150; CRYSTAL ICARUS: Spot1 - 25,27; Spot2 - 90,40; Spot3 - 140,115 BLOOD CASTLE: We have adjusted JOC rewards for BC, as follows: BC1=2 JOC, BC2=4 JOC, BC3=5 JOC, BC4=6 JOC, BC5=7, BC6=8 JOC, BC7=9 JOC, BC8=11 JOC. You will need JOC to make a reset currently you can earn JOC by doing BC,rare drop from monsters and exchange Zen/online hours in website. JEWEL OF CHAOS HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE DROP POOL. CHARACTER DAMAGE AND SKILL SETUP: Thank you for raising concerns about character balance! <----that is amazing for you guys to report this! Currently ALL CHARACTERS have been reduced in DMG and ALL ATTACK speed has been reduced to avoid skill speed bugs and to give you guys fair PVP!(usually in pvp you kill because visual bug not because you are OP). We have tried it out ourselves and we are increasing All character Magic dmg - so it should look like: Minimum magic damage /3 and maximum magic damage /1, into numbers - if energy is 1000 it should be close to 300-1000 ( this is without editing skill formulas) - this should give DL, SUM and MG that needed dmg increase, please report if any of the skills feel too weak as this change only will affect main magic damage(we will adjust it over the time). WEALTHY LORENCIA: Chairs, tree stumps will be relocated to fix missmacth with characters while sitting.( this will be released at midday on 07/10/19) GAME CLIENT: You can only run one launcher at the time. Please use 3D camera to get the best experience from our exclusive maps and environment. There is a rare window freeze, if you have epxerienced it, there is two ways to deal with it, one is to wait and game goes back to normal or fastest way would be to close and relaunch the game client(recommended) - we hope to fix this in the future. CONGRATULATIONS TO DARKMAGE https://mupla.net/profile/player/req/4461726b4d616765 AND KARTHUS https://mupla.net/profile/player/req/4b617274687573 FOR REACHING 2 RESETS AND RANKINGS 1 AND 2! !!!BOTH WILL BE INDUCTED INTO OCTOBERS HALL OF FAME IN DEVIAS GREAT HALL!!! Please don't forget to vote and keep the good work! We love MuPlanet and we can make it SUBARASHIIIII
  12. For now, it will stay like that. If there will be more votes for it, we will enable it
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