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  1. Sunrise

    Activity module

    You need each day press check in in that page
  2. Additional info Don't worry, it is not due to an installation problem of the game or our client, many users with INTEL HD video card are having problems with Mu Online even with the WebZen GMO (you can Google it to verify this issue), it is not a problem of the game but intel took out new drivers that apparently are quite badly tested and have errors to interpret some game textures. THE SOLUTION: It consists of downloading old Drivers from your Intel Video Board, below you have the drivers so you avoid the step of looking for them! List of most common drivers: HD 4600 y 5000 (soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits) HD 4400 y otras (soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits) Hd 3600 (soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits) HD 5500 (la mayoria) (soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits) HD 5500 5th Gen (soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits) Drivers Intel G41 (soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits) If you think you have 2 video cards or want to check it do this: THIRD WAY TO SOLVE IT INSTALL THIS FILES INSIDE YOUR CLIENT FOLDER : http://www.mediafire.com/file/u1vzjkjfdgua5rw/QeffectsGLLie.rar/file
  3. I Can connect to you, write teamviever ID/pass in PM
  4. Sunrise


    Are Higher drop of JOC then other maps
  5. Sunrise

    Valentine's weekend

    💞 Valentine's weekend is on Collect Chocolate boxes. Each boxes contains 3 Jewels. Each box different jewels. Enjoy
  6. Sunrise

    Activity module

    Activity Rewards allows you to check-in. Once you reach lucky day, you can claim rewards. As soon as you miss a day, you will start over from Day 1. Rewards for now are on test stage
  7. ! HAIL TO YOU ADVENTURERS ! ONCE AGAIN! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING CROWD! ADDED/ADJUSTED SPOTS: WEALTHY LORENCIA: Spot 1- 190,120; Graveyard -140,200; Fort-180,30; 148,32 NORIA: Spot1 - 150,130; 151,165 IMPERIAL DEVIAS: Devias1 - 200,80; 149.190 Devias2 2 new spots; Devias3 2 new spots. DUNGEON: Dungeon1 - 100,215; Dungeon 2 - 170,120; Dungeon3(Door up) 25,18; 43,122 ELVELAND: Spot1 - 35,131; 204,127 ATLANS: Atlans1 - 25,55; 50,40; Atlans2 - 240,10; Atlans3 - 45,145; 45,170; 20,175 LOSTTOWER: LT1 - 200,100; LT3 - 100,170; LT4 - 135,90; LT7 - 55,90; 23,24 TARKAN: Spot1- 105,40; Tarkan2 - 90,120; 90,222 AIDA: Spot1 - 140,150; 156,123 CRYSTAL ICARUS: Spot1 - 25,27; Spot2 - 90,40; Spot3 - 140,115; 29,210 VIP Arena: Higher EXP + Spots in all places
  8. Chaos Rates Jewel of Soul Success rate on items with no Luck :: MAX VALUE 100, Expressed in % UseSoulRate = 30 Jewel Of Soul Success rate on items with Luck :: MAX VALUE 100, Expressed in % UseSoulWithLuckRate = 75 Jewel of Life Success rate on items with no Luck :: MAX VALUE 100, Expressed in % UseLifeRate = 50 Maximum combination success rate for Chaos Machine regular combination, percentage, 1-100 Mix10Rate_Normal = 75 Mix11Rate_Normal = 75 Mix12Rate_Normal = 70 Mix13Rate_Normal = 60 Mix14Rate_Normal = 50 Mix15Rate_Normal = 40 Success rate to on for item with Luck, percentage, 1-100 MixAddLuckRate_Normal = 5 Maximum combination success rate for Chaos Machine Enhanced combination, percentage, 1-100 Mix10Rate_Enhanced = 75 Mix11Rate_Enhanced = 75 Mix12Rate_Enhanced = 70 Mix13Rate_Enhanced = 60 Mix14Rate_Enhanced = 50 Mix15Rate_Enhanced = 50
  9. -Arena ( waiting time great drg to long and need more mobs of it ) -------Added more mobs and more exp - 30+ rr we still need to lvl in icarus!! -------Christmas Adjusted - I tested with @spawn Aida1 and kanturu 1 we died instantly . Aida 1 is couple hit dead. -------Christmas did adjustments, only Kanturu is on todo list, not finished yet - I think 50 a 60 joc is good enough for maximum at 20 or 30 rr not increased -------They will become static after 60res. By then you need participate BC, change only hours etc.. Make it a little more playable after 30rr on aida1 and kanturu and increased the exp a little there so we dont have to stay in icarus for better exp and to survive.. -------Christmas did adjustments, only Kanturu is on todo list, not finished yet
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