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What is a Reset: 

Reset is an online function that allows to reset your character's level once you have reached maximum level of 400.  Your stat points and your level will be reset to default values and level 1, this is how you build your character and make it more competitive.  You will gain +200 bonus statpoints added to your total statpoint count after each reset. (after 30th reset you will receive 250 points)

Reset requirements:

Level 400

Jewel Of creation and Zen: Reset count x 2 Jewels Of Creation+ZEN fee( for e.g to perform a 15th reset you would need to have 30 Jewels Of Creation in your web vault)

For higher Leagues are different prices. From 60 goes static price.

For League resets, Before login out of the game, you will have to remove your equipped items from your character(gloves,boots,armor, rings, pets(angel,devil etc.)).

Jewel Of Creation needs to be moved from ingame bank to the website vault. 

You can perform 1 reset in 3hrs. VIP (1-2h)

Video Guide


Beginner 0-29 resets

Elite 30-59 resets

Pro Elite 60-89 resets

Hardcore 90-119 resets

Diamond 120-149 resets

Master Diamond 150-179 resets

Global Diamond 180-209 resets

To perform a reset function on 29th, 59th, 89th, 119th, 149th and 179th resets you would need to upgrade to the next league.

League unlock is done by getting MuPlanet League unlock card for WcoinC or GoblinPoints.

MuPlanet League unlock card price is 500 WcoinC or 1000 GoblinPoints

Goblin points

There are numerous ways to earn Goblin points: participating in our community events, helping our project to grow by actively voting, playing and be number one rank daily, weekly, monthly player, also you

can invite friends for playing, if friends get 30Resets, you get FREE 1000 GoblinPoints, you can also speed up the process by donating to our project.(exchanging JOC)

After unlocking a new league players are generously rewarded with items, coins and more. HOWEVER, we are against pay to win(P2W) mentality so we would never offer rewards that would give an unfair advantage over other players. Everyone has a chance to progress, with a bit of grinding. 

3 hour waiting cap

If you would like not to wait 3 hours there is a way to reduce the time to 1 hour by having an active VIP status. 

VIP status can be activated by voting for our server or donating also participating in our community events.


We value our player time spent online and enjoing our project, so we have an online time exchange feature.

For every 24hrs spent online you can get 4 JOC. 

Also you can exchange JOC to earn Goblin coins 1000 JOC = 200 GoblinPoints.

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