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  1. 1. Some of events will be enabled only in special dates. Originaly they not supposed to be on all of the time.

    2. https://mupla.net/usercp/exchange

    3. wcoins is made by webzen to get money from players, that is not our plan. But we are planing add goblin points, so you can exchane them in website and buy buffs etc.

    4. We experienced some issues with offlevel, so while our coder wont release fix, it will stay off. 



    Thank you for your suggestions

  2. Hello, reward added to your account ( 100 JOC ), congratulations!!! 🙂

     We are working to automatisation for these system. So till it will be done, Reset race is closed. I will inform all players when it will be opened again. ( probably in two weaks )

  3. On 10/9/2019 at 2:10 AM, progamer said:

    Due to our player are stronger and crowder

    Can you add new spot at Kanturu and higher map ?

    Also more spot at Icarus, too

    Thanks for reading

    Added new spots, more info will fallow in website.

    2 hours ago, national said:

    1. Top1 = 16 reset = 3200 + 2400 = 5600 points..very strong.....im newbie...i feeling very scare about this...please help me
    2. Enable /offtrade to PlayersTOP sell me items in game..../offlevel /offattack help me train when i working in day

    3. Enable full setting seasion 9....event bonus...Muun Eggs Pet...Gold Rabbit....Moon Rabbit..PunchBlessing...TitanAngerBook...Golden Boss Kundun

    4. Enable kill Boss = Gpoints in X-shop (Press Key X)

    5. Enable Boss Spot in Arena....and more map.....
    6. Now Online = 10...very BADDDDD....need more Enable FULL SEASION 9...get more funny more players...PLEASE
    7. Thanks Sir


    Please make new topic

  4. [IMG]

    If you see squares in the game instead of text, then you are missing the font called Arial Unicode MS.
    It's a common error in all new muonline clients so make sure to follow the easy steps listed below.

    Fix Guide
    Close game client
    2. Download the missing ARIALUNI.TTF font from http://muonline.download/files/ARIALUNI.TTF
    3. Right click on the file you just downloaded and click Install
    Alternatively you may download the missing font and copy it to C:/Windows/Fonts or Control Panel > Fonts
    Start game client

  5. First of all, try to edit resolution
    And also please check if there is not Webzen MuOnline client on your pc, if yes, then first uninstall Webzen via Control Panel.
    After that, redownload MuPlanet and try to run.
    To run the game on your computer you may require additional components of the software.

    Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4

    Download Microsoft Visual C++

    1. Set your DEP (Data Execution Prevention) for essential Windows programs and services only
    Go under My Computer > System Properties > System Protection > Advanced > Performance > Settings > Data Execution Prevention > Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only

    Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=... * Restart your computer

    2. Install NET Framework and Visual C++ 2010 Redistributables. Update your PC and its drivers

    3. Add MU folder to exceptions list in your Antivirus

    Video Guide: AVAST Guide, AVG Guide, Bitdefender Guide, Microsoft Security Essentials Guide

    Image Guide: http://imgur.com/a/j0UQx * Turn off bitdefender false-positive alerts

    4. Disable Antivirus, Firewall and Windows Defender

    Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...

    5. Windows 10 users must install directx9 if your mu client window closes after loading bar

    Windows 8/10 users must set main.exe compatibility to XP SP2 or Win 7 and Run as Administrator

    Image Guide: http://i.imgur.com/mOaOvRy.png

    Download Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109

    Contact us at via PM if you have problems with running game after all those steps

    Download Video Drivers

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

  6. Hello,

    Please try those steps:


    Also possible fixes:

    Invisible Interface/ Transparent HUD [Solved] Win10 64 Intel HD
    23-05-17, 01:58 PM
    Hey guys, I fought this for a couple days now that I've come back to global. I managed to solve it in my case and thought I could lay out simple steps, among the many confusing threads about this issue.
    Windows 10 64bit
    Intel HD 4400 Graphics
    (Step 1) Disable driver signing: I had to do this for my computer to allow drivers from Intel rather that the manufacturer.
    (Step 2) Disable Driver Updates: Windows 10 loves to update your drivers every time you reboot. This prevents it from going back to the current drivers without you noticing.
    (Step 3) Your new (old) driver: I went through a lot of outdated drivers looking for one that worked. Most of the drivers posted in other threads as working, weren't compatible with Win 10 64bit. So I eventually found the oldest one I could for my OS (win64_153338). I was able to just use the installer from Intel and overwrite my current driver.
    Well, that's it. Hope this can save someone else the headache and frustration.
    1º - Right-click on the start menu button.
    2º - Click on the Control Panel
    3º - Change the (Display by: Category) by (Display by: Large icons)
    4º - Click on the Device Manager
    5º - Click on the Video adapters
    6º - Right-click on your Video Card (My Video adapter is Intel(R) HD Graphics Family)
    7º - Click on the Driver Update
    8º - Click on the Search for driver software on your computer
    9º - Clique on the Allow me to choose from a list of device drivers on my computer
    10º - Choose the oldest version in that listen and click Next
    Ready! You downgraded your driver to the version that allows Mu Online to work perfectly.
    Now the next step:
    1º - Right-click on the Mu Online Icon in the Desktop
    2º - Open file location
    3º - Right-click on the (main) icon
    4º - Click on the Properties
    5º - Click on the Compatibility tab
    6º - Click on the Run this program in compatibility mode
    7º - Choose the Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
    8º - Click OK.
    Run the game!
    Possible more ways to try fix this problem:


  7. Promote on FaceBook  
    1.Create public post in Facebook
    http://mupla.net MuOnline S9 Dynamic EXP, Custom Client and much more
    2. Create new post in our forum and write:

    Your Account, and Facebook profile link


    * Post must be public and shareable

    * You must be at least 100 Friends

    * You cant delete topic ( will result punishment )

    Reward 100 Platinium coins

    ** You can participate only once





    WEALTHY LORENCIA: Spot 1- 190,120; Graveyard -140,200; Fort-180,30;

    NORIA: Spot1 - 150,130;

    IMPERIAL DEVIAS: Devias1 - 200,80; Devias2 2 new spots; Devias3 2 new spots.

    DUNGEON: Dungeon1 - 100,215; Dungeon 2 - 170,120; Dungeon3(Door up) 25,18.

    ELVELAND: Spot1 - 35,131;

    ATLANS: Atlans1 - 25,55; 50,40; Atlans2 - 240,10; Atlans3 - 45,145; 45,170;

    LOSTTOWER: LT1 - 200,100; LT3 - 100,170; LT4 - 135,90; LT7 - 55,90

    TARKAN: Spot1- 105,40; Tarkan2 - 90,120;

    AIDA: Spot1 - 140,150;

    CRYSTAL ICARUS: Spot1 - 25,27; Spot2 - 90,40; Spot3 - 140,115


    We have adjusted JOC rewards for BC, as follows:

    BC1=2 JOC, BC2=4 JOC, BC3=5 JOC, BC4=6 JOC, BC5=7, BC6=8 JOC, BC7=9 JOC, BC8=11 JOC.

    You will need JOC to make a reset currently you can earn JOC by doing BC,rare drop from monsters and exchange Zen/online hours in website.



    Thank you for raising concerns about character balance! <----that is amazing for you guys to report this! 

    Currently ALL CHARACTERS have been reduced in DMG and ALL ATTACK speed has been reduced to avoid skill speed bugs and to give you guys fair PVP!(usually in pvp you kill because visual bug not because you are OP).

    We have tried it out ourselves and we are increasing All character Magic dmg - so it should look like:

    Minimum magic damage /3 and maximum magic damage /1, into numbers - if energy is 1000 it should be close to 300-1000 ( this is without editing skill formulas) - this should give DL, SUM and MG that needed dmg increase, please report if any of the skills feel too weak as this change only will affect main magic damage(we will adjust it over the time).


    Chairs, tree stumps will be relocated to fix missmacth with characters while sitting.( this will be released at midday on 07/10/19)


    You can only run one launcher at the time. Please use 3D camera to get the best experience from our exclusive maps and environment.  There is a rare window freeze, if you have epxerienced it, there is two ways to deal with it, one is to wait and game goes back to normal or fastest way would be to close and relaunch the game client(recommended) - we hope to fix this in the future. 


    CONGRATULATIONS TO DARKMAGE https://mupla.net/profile/player/req/4461726b4d616765 AND KARTHUS  https://mupla.net/profile/player/req/4b617274687573 FOR REACHING 2 RESETS AND RANKINGS 1 AND 2!


    Please don't forget to vote and keep the good work! We love MuPlanet and we can make it SUBARASHIIIII

  9. Promote on Skype Event  
    1. Write a message in Skype (mood section):
    http://mupla.net MuOnline Opened
    2. Send an instant message to a group:
    You must make a conversation group with your friends, and tell them about
    this event and server. Come up with your own invitation text. 
    Remember that you can use your Refferal link
    For each player who will register using your Referral Link
    you receive extra coins

    3. Requirements and prizes:

    • Group of 50+ friends - 250 Platinium coins.
    • Group of 150+ friends - 500 Platinium coins.

    4. Create new post:

    Your Account name (login ID)

    Screenshot link from Skype mood message

    Screenshot link from Skype Group

    Grand opening 04.10.2019

    Dynamic S9 E2+

    Fully working reliable S9 E2+ with our custom modifications and dynamic gameplay! Our features have been carefully selected and modified to please the majority of MuOnline players! Yes - in one server!

    Dynamic features

    XP, Drop rate and Gameplay*: 

    5 difficulty leagues, everyone starts in Beginners league with a progression option every 30 resets!
    Beginners -  higher XP, but lower drop rate.(Currently 900xp and 45% drop rate). total 6000 stat points at reset 30. - fun and social start to build your future team!
    Elite - XP 650x, drop rate 55%, total of 15000 stat points at reset 60.
    Pro Elite  - XP 400x, drop rate 65% total of 22500 stat points at reset 90.
    Hardcore category - XP 250x, drop rate 85% total of 30000 stat points at reset 120.
    Diamond category - XP 150x drop rate 95% total of 37500 stat ponts at reset 150. - Legendary league for those players who are ready to show off their MuOnline skills!

    *Total stat points, xp, drop rate can be changed based on the overall progression.

    Resets and Stat points: 

    Reset at level 400.
    Stat drop + 200 free stat points with every reset(1st reset +200, 2nd reset +400, 3rd reset +600 etc.) ( For beginners )
    You will need Zen and jewel of creation to reset after level 400. More resets you have, more jewels you will need! Jewel of Creation x current reset count. (For beginners, Elite and up fixed price. Also with VIP you need to pay less jewels 🙂
    For resets you get rewards ( Gold points ) - with gold points you can buy VIP, exclusive items and much more 🙂
    Also you can change your online time for very needed yewels, or you can trade platinium coins for jewels

    Look and feel:

    New and originally remastered game client with visually stunning designs!
    Experience The Grand Era Chapter! Rebuilt old and destroyed maps to their former glory before Kundun ravished the Continent of MU!
    Seasonal changes - some maps will change their appearance!
    Player progression will change some of the visual in game features ;) - you will have to find this out for yourself!
    Expansion of the current maps based on our player progression! more players we have, more new areas will follow!
    MuPlanet exclusive work is done by our own map and content designer.

    See you online!

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