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  1. Basicly what she mean is that there is 2 pages in game bank ( Safety guardian ,loceted in Lora,Noria,Elvaland,Devias). Everything what is on 1st page you easy can transfer to web bank ( jewels, zen) , but that what is in 2nd page you cant.
  2. So it mean fresh start from begining.... my wings.... uwu.. well ok, do what you need to do . Im fine with that character name too.... at least i can go to Devias and cry at the shoulder of my old self .
  3. Im 1 of 3 top account owner and i dont want to be immortalised in Devias. I dont need it. If i could choose , i beter want personalized item ( changed outer look of something what i alredy have). "All accounts will remain and only characters will be affected" - explain in details what do you mean by that? What will be affected- res, armors, bank , maybe web market or web bank ???
  4. Banshee


    spend 100 goblin point for 24 h platin vip arena and all i got it to see fence of arena. WTF?
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