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MuPlanet League unlock card

How to get MuPlanet League unlock card for free

1. Vote daily, each vote will give you 2-4 GoblinPoints for each vote points ( )
1.1 If you become top Voter of month (1-3places) will get 1000,600,200 Goblin Points

2. - Check in daily for 30 days and get MuPlanet League unlock card for free + 200 GoblinPoints

2.1. Check in for 7 days and get 200 GoblinPoints

2.2 Check in for 60 Days and get  MuPlanet League unlock card for free + 400 GoblinPoints

3. For each reset you get 2 GoblinPoints. For League resets you get Items ( sets etc, and 200 GoblinPoints )

4. Achievements - GoblinPoints for reaching achievements

5. Ingame Events (BC,DS,CC etc) + also Map bosses and golds

6. Daily/Weekly/Monthly players Up to 100 GoblinPoints and Up to 600 GoblinPoints
6.1 Monthly BC/CC/DS 100 GoblinPoints

7. Inviting friend Each get 1000 GoblinPoints

8. Small chance in ingame Events to get MuPlanet League unlock card

9. Trading items in market

10. GM Events, Lottery in web, Auctions and others



To perform a reset function on 29th, 59th, 89th, 119th, 149th and 179th resets you would need to upgrade to the next league.

League unlock is done by getting MuPlanet League unlock card for WcoinC or GoblinPoints.

MuPlanet League unlock card price is 500 WcoinC or 1000 GoblinPoints

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