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Missing textures

Don't  worry, it is not due to an installation problem of the game or our client, many users with INTEL HD video card are having problems with Mu Online even with the WebZen GMO (you can Google it to verify this issue), it is not a problem of the game but intel took out new drivers that apparently are quite badly tested and have errors to interpret some game textures.


Also possible fixes:

Invisible Interface/ Transparent HUD [Solved] Win10 64 Intel HD
23-05-17, 01:58 PM
Hey guys, I fought this for a couple days now that I've come back to global. I managed to solve it in my case and thought I could lay out simple steps, among the many confusing threads about this issue.

Windows 10 64bit
Intel HD 4400 Graphics

(Step 1) Disable driver signing: I had to do this for my computer to allow drivers from Intel rather that the manufacturer.

(Step 2) Disable Driver Updates: Windows 10 loves to update your drivers every time you reboot. This prevents it from going back to the current drivers without you noticing.

(Step 3) Your new (old) driver: I went through a lot of outdated drivers looking for one that worked. Most of the drivers posted in other threads as working, weren't compatible with Win 10 64bit. So I eventually found the oldest one I could for my OS (win64_153338). I was able to just use the installer from Intel and overwrite my current driver.

Well, that's it. Hope this can save someone else the headache and frustration.

1º - Right-click on the start menu button.
2º - Click on the Control Panel
3º - Change the (Display by: Category) by (Display by: Large icons)
4º - Click on the Device Manager
5º - Click on the Video adapters
6º - Right-click on your Video Card (My Video adapter is Intel(R) HD Graphics Family)
7º - Click on the Driver Update
8º - Click on the Search for driver software on your computer
9º - Clique on the Allow me to choose from a list of device drivers on my computer
10º - Choose the oldest version in that listen and click Next

Ready! You downgraded your driver to the version that allows Mu Online to work perfectly.

Now the next step:

1º - Right-click on the Mu Online Icon in the Desktop
2º - Open file location
3º - Right-click on the (main) icon
4º - Click on the Properties
5º - Click on the Compatibility tab
6º - Click on the Run this program in compatibility mode
7º - Choose the Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
8º - Click OK.

Run the game!

Possible more ways to try fix this problem:


Also you can try:

t consists of downloading old Drivers from your Intel Video Board, below you have the drivers so you avoid the step of looking for them!

List of most common drivers:

HD 4600 y 5000
(soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits)

HD 4400 y otras
(soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits)

Hd 3600
(soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits)

HD 5500 (la mayoria)
(soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits)

HD 5500 5th Gen
(soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits)

Drivers Intel G41
(soporta Win7/Win8/Win10 x64 Bits)

If you think you have 2 video cards or want to check it do this:




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