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  4. Sorry guys, My fav is and always will be Legendary set and Sunrise loves his Dragon set πŸ™‚ I know, we are oldschool.
  5. Christmas : Lucky Dragon set Sunrise: Venom Mist set
  6. Cristmas Dragon Knight Set Sunrise Hades Set
  7. 1ST OUT OF FEW FORUM GAMES! Rules are simple: Guess mine and Sunrise's favourite armour sets, it has to be 2/2 right. This will last for a week, you can submit this two guesses, one post per user, if you cheat(use alt accounts) you will automatically forfeit πŸ™‚ Winner will be rewarded with 150 Wcoins πŸ™‚ If you get 1/2 right you will receive 1/2 points πŸ™‚ Good luck (there will be one each week, stay active) See you ONLINE Champions!
  8. GREETINGS MuPlanet inhabitants! Despite evil corvid-19 outbreak we are hit by nice and sunny Spring which hopefully will make this time easier. To celebrate beginning of our nice weather we are launching a Cherry Blossom Event! You will find White,Red and Golden Cherry Blossom branches occasionally dropping from monsters, if you collect enough of branches you can exchange them in Noria at cherry blossom tree for some scrumptious rewards. Amounts to collect: White Branches x10 Red Branches x30 Golden Branches x255 Rewards: White Branches: Status boosts/buff items, JOC bundle x10, Golden Cherry Branche Red Branches: Pets(various), JOC bundle x20, Golden Cherry Branche Golden Branches: Lucky Item Cards, JOC buundle x30, Cherry Play Box(with a good chance of 380 level items) This event is going to last until 30th of April In addition we are launching Easter Moon Rabbit invasion running from 11-14th of April You can spot them in: Lorencia Elveland Noria Devias Hunt them for new pets and other items! Stay Positive, play MuPlanet and see you Online!
  9. No zen fee for now. You have vip so its 1xreset count
  10. If I'm correct I was able to make reset with 1 JOC, so is it 2 * Reset or 1 * Reset? On the topic above it states: ''Jewel Of creation and Zen: Reset count x 2 Jewels Of Creation+ZEN fee''.
  11. Sunrise

    April Update

    With update alse come important guide READ !!! https://mupla.net/guides/?guide=4;5;51
  12. Christmas

    April Update

    1. Maya event fixed not not moving 2. Added announcement guide about how to get for free League Unlock card 3. Added options ( Check-in) for 30 days and get League Unlock card for free 4. Better chances of good items and 380 Items in Gold/Silver boxes 5. Adjusted BOK 1-5 Drop 6. Fixed some item ingame names ( was incorrect ) 7. Added JOC Drop in DS Event 8. Added/Fixed Glow effect for some items 9. fixed 1x4 2x4 items for some items was bugged 10. gaion's letter added in ingame drop 11. Added new items ( Mu Planet League unlock card ) 12. Remastered Imperial Guardian event and drop 13. Updated website 14. Fixed Kundun and Medusa not moving bug + adjusted strength 15. Fixed shops with small HP/Mana potions 16. Selupan and Kundun drop now better 17. Adjusted JOC farming ( now it wont drop from super small mobs ), so newbies can get lvls in small spots, but for exchange adjusted overall drop. 18. Adjusted Boss strength 19. Fixed some incorrect monsters spawns 20. Added monthly BC/DS/CC rewards 21. Adjusted Golden mobs 22. New server logo 23. Fixed Devias map 24. Fixed loren market map move bug 25. Fixed move bug in other maps as well 26. Decreased HP of BC/DS Master level 27. Adjusted High map mob powers 28. Adjusted 3rd level quest 29. Adjusted Kundun drop 30. Add happy hour exp +10% each day Imperial Guardian Event is a real challenge you will need more party members and don't forget your HP potions πŸ˜‰ and Buffs πŸ™‚
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