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  2. Little client/game update coming in the next patch! Maya/Kanturu event has been nerfed and made easier. New Noria! Some NPC's have been moved around. There will be more to come!
  3. Requested to dev, fix will come soon
  4. I will request that for dev.. Thank you!
  5. Basicly what she mean is that there is 2 pages in game bank ( Safety guardian ,loceted in Lora,Noria,Elvaland,Devias). Everything what is on 1st page you easy can transfer to web bank ( jewels, zen) , but that what is in 2nd page you cant.
  6. Hey, I will talk with dev about that. And as I understand, the problem is that the you need put jewels to main (1st) safety guard to be available to transfer them to web?
  7. That's a good suggestion! Thank you, we will move the Bank closer to Lahap or vice versa. This is a question for @Sunrise, let's see if we can get it working.
  8. i have a question, why doesn't jewels that i put in 2nd page of (safety guard) bank, transfer to web bank even if the 1st one does. i know this game is old and it had one bank page, but is there really no way to make the second bank page act like the 1st one.
  9. Hello, i have a suggestion, could you move safety guardian to Lahap or the other way around. it's kinda annoying to run from one to another if you have a bunch of jewels and need to use the jewel dismantle or combination.
  10. So it mean fresh start from begining.... my wings.... uwu.. well ok, do what you need to do . Im fine with that character name too.... at least i can go to Devias and cry at the shoulder of my old self .
  11. That's fine, if you don't want your main Character's name to be visible to other players in Devias it can be arranged. All characters and items will be deleted including items in web bank/market/vaults etc.
  12. Im 1 of 3 top account owner and i dont want to be immortalised in Devias. I dont need it. If i could choose , i beter want personalized item ( changed outer look of something what i alredy have). "All accounts will remain and only characters will be affected" - explain in details what do you mean by that? What will be affected- res, armors, bank , maybe web market or web bank ???
  13. PROJECT ROADMAP Greetings champions! It has been a quite a while since we have had a considerably large project update and we are so grateful to all of the players who still enjoy our envisioned Mu Online adventure. So there is a huge thank you from Sunrise and I. Big things are coming our way very soon! On the 28.07.2022 Project is going into the countdown phase and on the 01.08.2022 we will start a new race to the top with a full character wipe! During these 3 days server will still be online, but there may be some DC's during the day. All accounts will remain and only characters will be affected. Accounts that have made a donation will have their wcoins reimbursed and will be able to spend them on the webshop. We believe this is a fair way how to show our appreciation to the players. The current top 3 accounts will be immortalised as the heroes of the first MuPlanet run outside Devias with a specially personalised in game asset. Gameplay will see significant increase and improvements after the relaunch: Pandora Pickaxe and mining system will be introduced to our players which will give the opportunity for jewel and item mining. Xshop will be updated with more items to purchase with Wcoins and Goblin points. Few maps will see a new redesign and new areas, this includes a well loved event. Killing specific monsters will grant more Goblin points. Road maps for each League will be included into tutorial page for new starters and as a guide e.g. - where to gain level, items, boosts, rewards etc. this should make it easier for new players to understand our server configurations. Some monsters will have adjusted drops and their killing difficulty. More scheduled weekly XP and DropRate boosts. Booster NPC's will have additional boosts and will be allocated to new locations for easier progression. We believe that these gameplay changes will make it more enjoyable for players to challenge the game and will be more convenient to acquire the League Unlock Cards. This is a subject to change. All of the changes and modifications, if any, to this list will be posted as an update on the news/forum. If you have any recommendations, ideas, feedback please, please post them to this thread, we appreciate and value our players and our so beloved project. Stay strong and never stop training champions! See you Online! @Sunrise @Christmas
  14. Christmas


    Hello! There will be a Project update post in the next few days. But to give you a little sneak peak for the upcoming patch: Devias will have a gate access to LaCleon from Devias2 and also a new shop location with some valuable items. More features, maps and info coming soon!
  15. Enjoy NEW VIP ARENA
  16. Hello MuPlanet Champions! We would like to express our outmost gratitude to all of our players and people who are involved with the project over the year! For everyone who has played and even given us a try we thank you! Little memo: Our project was initially started by Sunrise and I out of pure love and nostalgia to our so much loved game, despite other projects/servers we have had in the past, this one has the most work and effort put in out of all of them. Particularly our main emphasis was placed on making something that would be enjoyable to experience as much as MuOnline can offer. At launch of MuPlanet we, as any other admins, ran into quite a few post launch issues which needed to be addressed, keeping that in mind we decided to pause on heavy advertising until issues got resolved. Covid and other personal issues struck, but we decided to keep it running, even though server hadn't been circulating on the ad websites. Having server running, we still have been working on extra server improvements behind the scenes, even though it has taken us some time and this is what I would like to announce today, keep reading: Changes are coming: Servers have been already moved to a different webhosting provider and have been upgraded to a more stable and powerful machine, so that we can enjoy uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience. Webpage and forum both have seen a very large update in the back end and allows us to have more detailed insights, there are more features for players to experience as well. Game client will see more improvements and new feel to some of the maps and overall visual overhaul. More map bosses and extra features will be implemented. Possible project name change and rebranding: This has been on our minds and is open for discussion. FRESH START As our project has come to a new chapter we believe a fresh start and a new race for glory is vital for a new and much more stronger restart, we hope for your understanding. When and how this will be done will be announced separately. More advertising and more players: This is self explanatory more ads are out there more players, so we will be investing into this aspect. We appreciate all of our registered players who are and aren't playing, so if you have any suggestions or feedback please leave a comment, also we would love to hear about your likes/dislikes of the current gameplay. With all of this said, I hope you have a great weekend! With all of the outmost respect, MuPlanet Team
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