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    Hello, Currently server is in it's early beta stage, if you are testing, please PM me for any extra boosts, zen, levels, statpoints, items, etc. What we are looking is for is the core gaming mechanics functionality/any bugs, that are outside the ordinary. Especially in the early game stages - 1st class quest/2nd class job change. Game settings such as, xp/item drops/level requirements/unlocks are not the priority at this given time. We are using the latest game files there are on the market, so it is important to see how the game feels. All of the ideas, feedback is greatly appreciated so please share with us as much as you can. Many thanks, MuPlanet
  3. We have opened discord server, feel free to join
  4. Greetings champions! MuPlanet is in preparation stage for big S17 opening. Estimated opening of the server within a month, but could change due to large configuration and fine tunes. We will send opening notice to all registered players! Stay strong and never stop training champions! See you Online!
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