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  1. Hello MuPlanet Champions! We would like to express our outmost gratitude to all of our players and people who are involved with the project over the year! For everyone who has played and even given us a try we thank you! Little memo: Our project was initially started by Sunrise and I out of pure love and nostalgia to our so much loved game, despite other projects/servers we have had in the past, this one has the most work and effort put in out of all of them. Particularly our main emphasis was placed on making something that would be enjoyable to experience as much as MuOnline can offer. At launch of MuPlanet we, as any other admins, ran into quite a few post launch issues which needed to be addressed, keeping that in mind we decided to pause on heavy advertising until issues got resolved. Covid and other personal issues struck, but we decided to keep it running, even though server hadn't been circulating on the ad websites. Having server running, we still have been working on extra server improvements behind the scenes, even though it has taken us some time and this is what I would like to announce today, keep reading: Changes are coming: Servers have been already moved to a different webhosting provider and have been upgraded to a more stable and powerful machine, so that we can enjoy uninterrupted and smooth gaming experience. Webpage and forum both have seen a very large update in the back end and allows us to have more detailed insights, there are more features for players to experience as well. Game client will see more improvements and new feel to some of the maps and overall visual overhaul. More map bosses and extra features will be implemented. Possible project name change and rebranding: This has been on our minds and is open for discussion. FRESH START As our project has come to a new chapter we believe a fresh start and a new race for glory is vital for a new and much more stronger restart, we hope for your understanding. When and how this will be done will be announced separately. More advertising and more players: This is self explanatory more ads are out there more players, so we will be investing into this aspect. We appreciate all of our registered players who are and aren't playing, so if you have any suggestions or feedback please leave a comment, also we would love to hear about your likes/dislikes of the current gameplay. With all of this said, I hope you have a great weekend! With all of the outmost respect, MuPlanet Team
  2. Christmas


    @Banshee Arena is currently in a revamp state. Once it is finished we will come up with an announcement ? Stay tuned.
  3. Sorry guys, My fav is and always will be Legendary set and Sunrise loves his Dragon set ? I know, we are oldschool.
  4. 1ST OUT OF FEW FORUM GAMES! Rules are simple: Guess mine and Sunrise's favourite armour sets, it has to be 2/2 right. This will last for a week, you can submit this two guesses, one post per user, if you cheat(use alt accounts) you will automatically forfeit ? Winner will be rewarded with 150 Wcoins ? If you get 1/2 right you will receive 1/2 points ? Good luck (there will be one each week, stay active) See you ONLINE Champions!
  5. Christmas

    April Update

    1. Maya event fixed not not moving 2. Added announcement guide about how to get for free League Unlock card 3. Added options ( Check-in) for 30 days and get League Unlock card for free 4. Better chances of good items and 380 Items in Gold/Silver boxes 5. Adjusted BOK 1-5 Drop 6. Fixed some item ingame names ( was incorrect ) 7. Added JOC Drop in DS Event 8. Added/Fixed Glow effect for some items 9. fixed 1x4 2x4 items for some items was bugged 10. gaion's letter added in ingame drop 11. Added new items ( Mu Planet League unlock card ) 12. Remastered Imperial Guardian event and drop 13. Updated website 14. Fixed Kundun and Medusa not moving bug + adjusted strength 15. Fixed shops with small HP/Mana potions 16. Selupan and Kundun drop now better 17. Adjusted JOC farming ( now it wont drop from super small mobs ), so newbies can get lvls in small spots, but for exchange adjusted overall drop. 18. Adjusted Boss strength 19. Fixed some incorrect monsters spawns 20. Added monthly BC/DS/CC rewards 21. Adjusted Golden mobs 22. New server logo 23. Fixed Devias map 24. Fixed loren market map move bug 25. Fixed move bug in other maps as well 26. Decreased HP of BC/DS Master level 27. Adjusted High map mob powers 28. Adjusted 3rd level quest 29. Adjusted Kundun drop 30. Add happy hour exp +10% each day Imperial Guardian Event is a real challenge you will need more party members and don't forget your HP potions ? and Buffs ?
  6. Hi, You have already noticed new NPC's in Wealthy Lorencia map. They are here to help. Currently they are granting you a +1000HP buff to your total HP count. You need to request a trade to either of these NPC's to receive a buff. We will alternate buffs from time to time. Regards, Christmas
  7. What is a Reset: Reset is an online function that allows to reset your character's level once you have reached maximum level of 400. Your stat points and your level will be reset to default values and level 1, this is how you build your character and make it more competitive. You will gain +200 bonus statpoints added to your total statpoint count after each reset. (after 30th reset you will receive 250 points) Reset requirements: Level 400 Jewel Of creation and Zen: Reset count x 2 Jewels Of Creation fee( for e.g to perform a 15th reset you would need to have 30 Jewels Of Creation in your web vault) For VIP 50% off Before login out of the game, you will have to remove your equipped items from your character(gloves,boots,armor, rings, pets(angel,devil etc.)). Jewel Of Creation needs to be moved from ingame bank to the website vault. You can perform 1 reset in 3hrs. Video Guide 7 LEAGUES Beginner 0-29 resets Elite 30-59 resets Pro Elite 60-89 resets Hardcore 90-119 resets Diamond 120-149 resets Master Diamond 150-179 resets GLOBAL Diamond 180-209 resets To perform a reset function on 29th, 59th, 89th, 119th, 149th and 179th resets you would need to upgrade to the next league. League unlock is done by getting MuPlanet League unlock card for WcoinC, Goblin points. MuPlanet League unlock card price is 500 WcoinC points or 1000 Goblin points. How to get MuPlanet League unlock card for FREE Goblin points There are numerous ways to earn Goblin points: participating in our community events, helping our project to grow by actively voting, playing and be number one rank daily, weekly, monthly player, you can also speed up the process by donating to our project.(exchanging JOC) After unlocking a new league players are generously rewarded with items, coins and more. HOWEVER, we are against pay to win(P2W) mentality so we would never offer rewards that would give an unfair advantage over other players. Everyone has a chance to progress, with a bit of grinding. 3 hour waiting cap If you would like not to wait 3 hours there is a way to reduce the time to 1 hour by having an active VIP status. VIP status can be activated by voting for our server or donating also participating in our community events. ONLINE TIME EXCHANGE function We value our player time spent online and enjoing our project, so we have an online time exchange feature. For every 24hrs spent online you can get 4 JOC. Also you can exchange JOC to earn Goblin points 1000 JOC = 200 GoblinPoints.
  8. Christmas


    !HELLO ALL! We have now been online for 7 days! Your feedback, help and patience is outstanding! Like true MuPlanet warriors! So here is a recap what we have done in these 7 days! 1. Added more spots up until Icarus and Tarkan maps(will add more spots later on, hope you can survive there) 2. Added low EXE drops in CC 3. FIXED dmg issue now specialization buff works pass 3k stat mark. 4. Adjusted Lorencia visuals, so it is easier to see and move around. 5. Increased 3rd quest monster strength (it should be only be available to kill in pt and post ProElite League) < ones who managed to complete the quest - its on us! ? 6. Now you can launch multiple launchers at once - please do this, it will help you with JOC for resets. 7. Disabled Offlevel as it was causing strange things. 8. Added Jewel of Chaos to the jewel drop pool. UPCOMING UPDATES AND INFORMATION 1. New players automatically receive Bonze VIP for 3 days. 2. Please vote! you will need gold/platinum coins for next League unlock! 3. More spots in higher maps. 4. Daily/Weekly/Monthly rankings have been enabled! 5. Online Web market/buff shop - in development. 6. Halloween event!(Will be a separate announcement) 7. Online anchievment system - in development. 8. Golden monster invasion < these are strong ones! but only a real champion party can perish them! (Will be enabled today) 9. Events such as CryWolf, Castle Siege and more will be enabled later when we will achieve more players online! 10. When playing BC in party, please disband before returning the weapon to the poor angel otherwise non of the party members will receive a reward! We appreciate your support! Please keep playing and we will make this truly SUBARASHIII(magnificient) server!
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