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  1. There was an issue where these two particular skills were set to be able to use after 2 class change. I have changed it to Muse Elf as the items state now. Might need a server restart for the effects to take place.
  2. AIDA1 MONSTERS(NOT RED ONES) have been adjusted and their levels have been increased, making them higher than icarus monsters and granting more xp than before. Do you use potions, skills? Our goal is to make our server playable and engaging,have a party element and help from others, not just leave my character afk and let it do all the rest - of course you can follow this path, but then you have to evaluate where it is safe for your character. I did test Aida1 with your Summoners statpoints and it was fine, yes I needed to use potions but that is normal, please don't forget, you gain 200 points per reset up to 30resets, after that it goes up to 250 points and so on and on. I did reduce Aida monster dmg by a lot, so maybe, distribute more statpoint to Vitality attribute? Also this makes players actually think about builds and what to prioritise, because we don't want to be generic standard backyard muonline server. 🙂 However we are happy to adjust it to make it fun 🙂 So I might reduce Aida1 monster dmg even more, but it would make Icarus and Aida similar maps resulting lower reset players migrate to Aida. Yet again, I am sure we can edit them right way.
  3. Christmas


    Hi there, I ran some tests with all 7 classes to see what is going on. All characters had 1000 stat points each. We are looking at base/clean damage here, without buffs. Look at the videos below. I am happy to listen to your ideas in this matter. So far: DL, RF and MG(MG SKILLS) - are dealing the most damage. too high in my opinion. DK medium. ELF, DW and SUM have similar low dmg. too low imo. Numbers you can see in the videos.
  4. Right. Is it only with Twister skill or is it with all of them? I will test it out as it seems to be an anomaly. Have you tried to relog in and then using the book again? Don't worry, I will try to run some checks and if it is still persistent I will just add you that skill manually to your skill list.
  5. Check again, I have just tried it and it's there.
  6. Check if you are using right tab of skills, you can switch between tabs with different binded skills. I think there should be arrows which will help you to do a switch.
  7. HI yes, Press F9 and you will be able to zoom in/out with your mouse scroll, or trn around with mouse wheel click and drag. f10 to reset back. cheers
  8. Hi again. Map bosses: I tested this with two copycat characters, your Summoner and SM(Angel), stats, items etc. It wasn't hard to kill hydra with Sum character, I needed to use HP potions, Berserk and dmg.Reflection skills, it took me 1 minute to kill hydra, Balrog however is stronger than Hydra therefor it will take you longer to kill him, probably dying few times. Great Drakan in Icarus did not one hit you and was doing 7-15 dmg. Where as with 8-10 reset SM could not survive more than 2-3 hits from Hydra and was delivering little dmg, Balrog has high defence/block rate and here dmg was little to none, it would take SM a lot of attempts to kill Higher map Bosses. Barrac's monsters will be matched to CW monsters accordingly. Aida, Karutan, Kantru monster damage, def/block rate will be reduced. Map Bosses are supposed to be hard to hunt as they have potential excellent sets+10 in their drop pool. Thank you for for your reports, it helps us to fix issues and adjust it all so that we can enjoy our MuPlanet!
  9. HI! I will do my own tests later on tonight with various characters and statpoints to see what is what. Our monsters are buffed up to make it more challenging for e.g 0-30 resets would struggle to kill monsters in Aida and up maps, 30-60 resets would be able to kill up to karutan and so on and on. however, it is possible that we have missed or now after recently changing character strength settings monsters need re adjusting. I will make a more detailed list of maps and monster strength according to leagues. thank you for doing a great job and giving us feedback! And thank you for your patience!
  10. Hi! Okay, we have re-configured CharacterCalculator settings and found a discrepancy between ours and the original game. At this current moment we are running WebZ standard formulas.(ELF WAS FAR MORE SUPERIOR THAN OTHER CLASSES) I tested an Elf and Summoner with exact stats and items as your characters. Dont forget, Elf specialization boost comes from Agility attribute and Summoner is Energy. For this specific occasion Elf had(2400 agility = 1000 dmg with penetration arrow) Summoner( 3500 = 1400 dmg) difference is 900 points which makes it realistic to assume that 400 dmg points is decent value. I hope this makes a difference! Please report any other oddities you come across and we will do our best to adjust it for the perfect balance. Thank you! Regards, Christmas
  11. Christmas


    We will always give players a chance to advance in their MuPlanet adventure! Same as we are open and appreciative to any feedback and suggestions 🙂
  12. Hi! I checked it out today and Atlans monsters don't grant more XP, in Tarkan it is only Tantalos, and yet again, Aida's monsters are higher LVL than Tarkan and Atlans. Also Aida has got versions of monsters, weaker blue ones and stronger red ones. We configured monster strength based on the initial server configurations, but if it is a major issue there is no problem to either make tarkan monsters stronger or aida weaker, just need to vote on it 🙂 thanks for your question 🙂 Christmas
  13. What is a Reset: Reset is an online function that allows to reset your character's level once you have reached maximum level of 400. Your stat points and your level will be reset to default values and level 1, this is how you build your character and make it more competitive. You will gain +200 bonus statpoints added to your total statpoint count after each reset. (after 30th reset you will receive 250 points) Reset requirements: Level 400 Jewel Of creation and Zen: Reset count x 2 Jewels Of Creation+ZEN fee( for e.g to perform a 15th reset you would need to have 30 Jewels Of Creation in your web vault) Before login out of the game, you will have to remove your equipped items from your character(gloves,boots,armor, rings, pets(angel,devil etc.)). Jewel Of Creation needs to be moved from ingame bank to the website vault. You can perform 1 reset in 3hrs. Video Guide 6 LEAGUES Beginner 0-29 resets Elite 30-59 resets Pro Elite 60-89 resets Hardcore 90-119 resets Diamond 120-149 resets Master Diamond 150-179 resets To perform a reset function on 29th, 59th, 89th, 119th and 149th resets you would need to upgrade to the next league. League unlock is done by spending Platinum points. (30res = 500Platinum, 60res = 1000Platinum, 90res=1500Platinum, 120res=1500Platinum, 150res=2000Platinum). Platinum points There are numerous ways to earn platinum points: participating in our community events, helping our project to grow by actively voting, playing and be number one rank daily, weekly, monthly player, you can also speed up the process by donating to our project.(exchanging JOC) After unlocking a new league players are generously rewarded with items, coins and more. HOWEVER, we are against pay to win(P2W) mentality so we would never offer rewards that would give an unfair advantage over other players. Everyone has a chance to progress, with a bit of grinding. 3 hour waiting cap If you would like not to wait 3 hours there is a way to reduce the time to 1 hour by having an active VIP status. VIP status can be activated by voting for our server or donating also participating in our community events. ONLINE TIME EXCHANGE function We value our player time spent online and enjoing our project, so we have an online time exchange feature. For every 24hrs spent online you can get 4 JOC. Also you can exchange JOC to earn platinum coins 1000 JOC = 100 PlatinumCoins.
  14. @BlaDex it should be an option in the control panel, let's ask @Sunrise if it's activated or not.
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