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DW Evolution

Dark Wizard

The Dark Wizard specializes in offensive magic and can kill from a distance. Although able to handle some weapons made for Dark Knights, the Dark Wizard's weak armor and slow growth in "strength" makes this impractical. Instead, they wield magical staffs, which increase the offensive power of their spells. A well-developed Dark Wizard can grow to become a Soul Master and cause massive damage with the "Nova" spell, hitting with over 5000 points of damage, far higher than most Dark Knights can achieve. Dark Wizards, however, have the least defensive power available to any of the other classes, which makes physical combat difficult for any level. They are useful in parties, however, being able to hit from a distance with powerful spells. Lower level DWs must make a difficult choice in applying stat points: they have to put their stat points into Energy in order to learn necessary spells as well as at the same time to consider putting some points into Strength to be able to equip higher grade armory.

Soul Master

After completing the game’s first quest, the Dark Wizards are promoted to Soul Masters, who can use mighty and awe inspiring spells, and can equip better armor. Plus, the default character appearance transforms from black to dark blue.

Air battle with wings and magic spelling.

Grand Master

Beginning with MU Online Season III, the Soul Masters can evolve to Grand Masters after completing the three-part quest. They can use all the armors and weapons for Dark Wizards and Soul Masters. Moreover, there are 3rd Level Wings (Wings of Vortex) with special options.

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